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Gina Femrite                                         oils ~ acrylic ~ digital art



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Artist Statement

Art has always been an inspiration to the human mind, and has been shaping the culture of the world throughout history.  

It is this artist's firm conviction that it is essential to acknowledge the responsibility of this influential power. Every piece of artwork communicates the true and honest process of creativity, representing the emotions and expressions of the artists view on civilization and its environment.  



Gina Femrite was born in West Germany.  She started her art training at an early age under the tutelage of her father Johan Strater, a contemporary European Impressionist. 


She also attended the Saarbruecken College of Art and Skills to further her career as an artist into the range of illustration and designer art.  Armed with the knowledge of both fine art and design, Gina began working full time in her father’s studio where she developed a style rooted in French impressionism, but still identifiable as her own. 
Her talent was recognized by art galleries and art agencies throughout Europe. She was offered an exclusive contract with Harry’s Galleries and the Paul Schwarz agency until she moved with her husband David Femrite to his homeland, the United States of America. 
Ones in here new country, Gina quickly succeeded in becoming known as an accomplished fine art and commercial artist with an impressive following of private and corporate collectors. Her work has also been published by various publishing companies like Western Graphics, Impact Images, Posters by Impact and Life’s Foot Print’s. 

In addition Gina has been a well excepted art teacher sense 1988, and she is currently teaching at the Hobart art league.