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Janet Anderson                                                    mixed media

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Artist’s Statement

My art began, now that I am writing to tell others about it, on my grandmother’s lap when I was five. She was an accomplished needleworker and she taught me how to knit, crochet, tat (anyone remember that skill?) and embroider. I loved the afternoons we spent together on her swing on the porch or in the chair in her tiny living room while she would work on her projects and she would give me something more at my level to work on.

The work that you see today is a combination of the skills that she taught me and that I continued to do all of my life, inspiration from my own enormous collection of antique linens, and the basketweaving, gourd art, paper-making, bookbinding and weaving classes and projects that I have done over the years.

The real spark came when I learned to make paper. I came home from a class with about 80 sheets of paper that I had made of several sizes and several recipes. Paper can be made of any fibrous, natural fiber. Common plants are abaca, cotton, linen, and silk. It can even be made of dead daylily leaves.

What was I going to do with all of this paper? Using a technique learned in a class that used different types of paint to build color on a gourd, I used the same techniques to get depth of color and way to change color on a piece of paper. Taking skills from a bookbinding class, I discovered that I could use my life-long embroidery skills to add pattern and movement to the piece.

I use the pieces I create as covers for books that I bind, myself, also, But who knows, a swirly circle may end up in a basket soon.


Art and Craft Education

Indiana University Northwest

Arrowmont School for the Arts

Lillstreet Studio

Shake Rag Alley School of Craft

Northwest Indiana Basket Guild

Various other classes in a variety of places