Judy Pampalone                                                                                                       watercolor

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Artist Statement 

My original training was in art education. I remember hearing repeatedly from my instructors that the process is what is important, not the final product.

Children should be encouraged to be creative, not judgmental. This is much more difficult than one might imagine. Children and adults alike tend to compare their work to another persons or to some ideal in their heads. I can't ever remember being completely satisfied with my own art work.  However, I have come to realize that one can only get better by doing. No matter how much a person reads about art or even views it, it is the doing that results in real growth. An artist has to get his      satisfaction from the process. He has to keep on trying.

Workshops and Classes

Mark Polomchack

Fred Holly

Kathy Los Rathburn

Henry Bell

Joe Fettingis

Helen Burkett

Stephen Blackburn

Gallery Representation

Chesterton Art Center, Chesterton, IN

Hobart Art League, Hobart, IN


2014   Third Place Award, C.W.C. Show, Chesterton, IN

2012   Honorable Mention, C.W.C. Show, Chesterton, IN

2010   Elaine Crumpaker Memorial Award C.W.C. Show, Chesterton, IN

2008  South Shore Arts Salon, Munster, IN - Merit Award

2007   Juried Art Exhibition, Art Barn, Valparaiso, IN

2007   Chesterton Women's Club, Chesterton, IN 

2005   Art Comp, Juried Exhibition, Chesterton Art Center, Chesterton, IN

2004   "Flowers and Showers" Juried Exhibition, Valparaiso Art Academy & Gallery,              Valparaiso, IN