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Patsy Clark                                                                     fabric arts

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Patsy Clark is a Native American, part Shawnee, born in Kentucky.  She grew up in an isolated, sustainable community.  One of her earliest memories was a colorful 'scrap box' of small bits of fabric and a very patient mother who taught her to hand sew.  Always fascinated with fabric and art, she has merged both loves into her own quilt art.  Inspired by spirit and nature, she continually challenges boundaries.  Each piece is unique and 'one of a kind'.

In addition to her love of sewing and art, Patsy Clark is also an avid gardener and Master herbalist.  An environmental activist all her life, she continues to develop her skills and grow with her work.

Most of Patsy's recent work has focused on her "Honoring Women" series.  Women are, by their very nature, strong, patient and spiritual warriors.  The strength of women is her most profound inspiration for her current work.