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Suzy Nolan                                                                                                                                                                          oil

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Translating Nature into Art

From early childhood, my passion for animals impelled me to capture them on paper.  When I realized that accurately rendering an image still didn’t bring it to life, I began to reevaluate my artistic  approach.  Growing up in a home decorated in an eclectic blend of Jack Denst murals interspersed with Irish and Moroccan design, perhaps I should have caught on to abstraction earlier.

My perception of art began to change as I learned how the philosophy of cultures dictated their art aesthetic.  Building on the diverse influences of my youth, my education in art history broadened my understanding of how manipulating composition and form were every bit as truthful and authentic as realistic rendering.

I express the rhythmic sensations of memory through a syncopated use of brushwork and color.  Relationships between volumes and shallow pictorial space bring sense of intimacy to the composition.  By manipulating form, color and composition, my works become visual poems of   personal experience.  My goal as an artist is no longer to re-create Creation, but rather to express a memory in paint.