Amy Miller Hill                                                sculpture


In 1994, I was hired by Bethlehem Steel as a clerk and quickly moved up to material coordinator.  When ISG bought the plant, my job was one of the first to be eliminated.  I had two choices: continue working but in the housekeeping department or take the buy-out and go back to college (fully paid by the re-training steel worker’s federal funds).  It was an easy choice for me.  I chose to go back to school but didn’t know what I wanted to do “when I grow up.”  Aptitude testing showed art by an outstanding margin.

 I began college at Indiana University in August of 2003, earning both my associates and bachelor degrees in art with “highest distinction” (equal to magna cum laude).  Furthermore, I completed the Transition To Teaching program and earned my license to teach K-12 Art and Special Education.  Being unhappy with the administration requirements of teaching, I decided to get back to my roots and make art again.

 My favorite items to make are functional; bowls, mugs, plates, chimes, holiday decorations, and gifts of all kinds!  Many artists believe that if a work is functional, it loses its artistic quality.  Contrarily, I love making things that people will use rather than something to gather “dust.”  I also am able to create favorite ceramic pieces that have been broken or lost or simply can't find exactly what someone wants.  The limits are endless!