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Dawn Fetty

oil + acrylic

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Artist Statement 

When I gave birth to my three children, I created three masterpieces. They began with a thought, grew with care and nurturing, and survived through love and nourishment. They were born with effort and a sweet pain.

As I raised my three children I realized that parenting is problem solving. It is envisioning, enforcing, disciplining, focusing, loving, and letting go. Through the years I have raised three completely different people, yet three of the same. The same process occurs with painting. I create a painting from a thought or a vision; I allow it to grow. I nurture it and then slowly, carefully and painfully try to create it. Once the painting has begun I do nothing but problem solve until I feel it is strong enough to let go and become what it is meant to be.

I am a conservative, wanting to be a liberal. I am a perfectionist, trying to be loose and free. I define with crisp lines, but I want to blur. I am a realist when I want to be quirky. I envision in my head, then portray it on to a canvas. I want to paint freely from the visions in my head. I show my paintings as a reflection of who I am now, where I want to be, and what I am becoming. This is just the beginning for me. The journey, that is my art, promises to be filled with more of my struggles, some conquering, and some new quirks. I am never the same. I am an adventurer, a creator. I am curious. I have created all different themes in my art. They are all different, yet they are the same. They are a part of me, that I give to you to enjoy.


Memphis University, Memphis, Tennessee

Marilyn Wannamaker, Memphis Tennessee

Wes Berrier, Hobart, Indiana


2000     49th Annual GFWC Juried Art Show - FIRST PLACE

2001      58th Annual Northern Indiana Arts Association - Award of Merit

2003     52nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Art Barn - Third Award

2004     Illiana Juried Show at Indiana University NW - FIRST PLACE

2005     Illiana Juried Show NIAA - Honorable Mention

2005     Annual GFWC Juried Art Show - Third Award

2006     Illiana Juried Exhibition NW Indiana Arts Association - Honorable Mention

2007     Art Barn Juried Exhibition - Honorable Mention

2009     Illiana Juried Exhibition - Third Place

2010     GFWC Juried Show Juried Art Show - BEST OF SHOW

2011      Art Barn Juried Exhibition - BEST OF SHOW

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