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Heather Connors

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The process of creating a vessel on the potters’ wheel is both inspiring and meditative. I never cease to be amazed at the transformation that begins with a lump of clay, and emerges as a work of art. I approach each creation as a unique form, paying careful attention to line and balance. The greatest influences in my work come from within and from nature.

The decorative techniques that I choose to explore are Raku and Pit-Firing. During the Raku process, the pots are heated and cooled rapidly in an outdoor kiln. Horsehair, Naked Raku, and Lusters are some of the types of finishes I implement. Pit-firing involves combining pots and wood in a pit that is dug in the ground. After the fire, the magic is revealed in stunning, unique colors on the pots. In addition, creating functional pottery has sharpened my instincts and skills as a potter. I am very interested in balancing the usefulness of each piece with the aesthetics of it.

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