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Helen Sadler Misner

mixed media

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Found Object Glass Glow Sculptures

These candle holders are made of bits and pieces of things that are all around us yet usually go unnoticed. They provide a colorful glow and make nice reflections when you add the candle light.

These started out because I pick up stuff - have to- don't know why or how not to. I've found some interesting things at the beach, in parking lots, anywhere. Putting them together is the only reason I've come up with for this urge to pick things up in the first place, and putting them together is also a way to have some "good finds" on display. Beach glass, fossils, beautiful stones, even broken reflector bits are used. They all seem to fit together to create a nice glow, splash of color and/or shadow.  

I like them, others like them; so I make more. I hope you enjoy them too.

Please use tea light candles. 

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