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Judi Tussey                                                                                                                                                                 acrylic

When I was little my mom gave paints and paper to my sister and me to give us a quiet project because my dad worked at night and slept in the daytime. At age five I drew pictures to send to relatives to share what I thought was pretty or interesting. So when people ask why I paint so realistically I say, because I want to share something beautiful exactly as I see it.

Over the years I've been fascinated with painting animals, the Lake Michigan shoreline and beautiful scenery usually using acrylics as my medium. I made Hopi Indian-style pottery for several years in the 90s.

I attended the Art Institute of Chicago and have never stopped painting through the years of raising my children and taking care of my elderly parents. Painting is so much a part of my life I cannot imagine not doing it.

Art Education

Art Institute of Chicago

Purdue University Calumet

South Shore Arts

Gallery Representation

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South Shore Arts Gift Shop - for 30 years

Chesterton Art Gallery

119th Street Gallery

Lake Street Gallery

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