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Rebecca Grochowski 

jewelry + collage

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Moods and emotions are my main inspiration. Taking a "feeling" and transposing it into metal and stone to design a physical manifestation of a fleeting, ephemeral moment is always the first step in my work. I'm always aware that the person who wears my jewelry may not experience the same emotion that I put into it, but I am confident that they'll have some reaction of their own. There are people who wear jewelry simply because it makes them feel better or because they think it's pretty. It can be a way to show the world a little bit of what is going on inside your head. Wearing a beloved piece of jewelry can remind us of a moment in time, a loved one, or a special place or event. It can make you feel beautiful, comforted, or remind you that you're loved. Every time I begin to create a piece, I am conscious of this - my state of mind and the potential to alter the state of mind of the person who will wear it.  

I have been designing and creating jewelry for the last twelve years. I began by making pieces for myself and for friends - custom braided bead necklaces and bracelets. What began with simple stringing, continued on with learning metal working and wire wrapping, and finding new techniques or styles that were more challenging. Eventually, I became enchanted with the ancient elegant weaves and patterns of chain maille. The combination of intricate designs, technical skill and the beauty of the resulting pieces, pulled at me immediately. And though I still make some beaded work, I will more often try to incorporate color into my pieces by using semi-precious stones and beads combined with chain maille and metal work.  

My ultimate goal is to create beautiful works of art that can be worn and truly enjoyed. I take the utmost care to create perfectly finished and finely detailed work, with the comfort of the wearer in mind, whether it is a small elegant pendant, or an elaborate crystal-bedecked necklace and bracelet set for a bride. I am proud of the quality of work that I produce, and I want all of my clients to proud to wear it. I hope that any person who owns my jewelry can love it and wear it for a lifetime.

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